I did a blog about my favorite football teams on both the collegiate level and professional level. Louisiana State University Tigers is my favorite college team and the Baltimore Ravens. I talked about my passion for the Baltimore Ravens. This time I’ll talk about my even larger love for the Louisiana State University Tigers.

For my college football team, there has only been one but I’ll give little explanation. My top 2 favorite NFL players both came from the University of Miami. Many people in my age group love the U of M. They are that team that not many people can hate, unless you played against them. Look at this cycle: my favorite professional team, the Baltimore Ravens, have my 2 favorite players, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, who both played at the University of Miami. That’s why you cannot ever dislike the University of Miami. Louisiana State University is where my heart lies and will forever.

Currently they are my favorite team in the entire sports world. Everything about them intrigues me from the coaches to the stadium, from the fans to the players, everything. Located in my favorite state in America, Louisiana, the Tigers are current one of the best teams in all of college football. Year after year they compete in, not only the hardest conference, but the hardest division. They play their games at beautiful Death Valley which is one of the hardest stadiums in the country to play in as one time the noise was so loud it registered as an earthquake.  Like the Ravens, my passion for the Tigers is far more than the production on the field. It is what the players stand for. They play with unmatched aggression and intensity and they play for every player as if it was their dying wish. This past season LSU was on track to be labelled as one of the best teams ever and that all came to a halt in the BCS National Championship game against in-conference, in-division foes Alabama who won 21-0 and embarrassed the Tigers. Now going into 2013 we are ready to make a run at the championship and every LSU fan would agree completely.


~ by gunshow52 on May 8, 2012.

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