BMore What Up!?

Many people who know me well, and even people who don’t know me well know at least one common fact about me. For as long as I have been a fan of football I have had a favorite team in both the college and the professional ranks. For college, my favorite team has always been the Louisiana State University Tigers. For the professional level my favorite team is currently the Baltimore Ravens.

When I first started watching football I didn’t watch much college and my original favorite professional team was the Carolina Panthers. My like for them was solely based on the Madden video game and the fact they had a good defense. The next year (or the next madden) I found myself with a new favorite because the Panthers has no offense to play with, so I switched to the Indianapolis Colts because they had a great offense. Then the following year I found the match. A match made in heaven. THE Baltimore Ravens, a team that fit my type of football, my old school mentality of football. Hard-nosed defense and an elite running attack. With the Ravens I got that. So since that I’ve become an avid Ravens fan. In the regular season and the off-season that’s the team whose decisions seem to have a personal effect on me. When the Ravens lose a game, I’m upset and facing a lot of “hate mail” from friends that know my passion level. When we win a game, I’m excited and people never seem to hear the end of it. I find myself closely entangled with this team and consider the organization as a whole a part of who I am as a person. Many fans just watch the games and pick up a new team to cheer for based on the wins and the losses but being a fan of the Baltimore Ravens for me will never change. Win or lose, 16 and 0, or 0 and 16 I will never change my love for the Ravens. I have faith that a Super Bowl will be back in Baltimore soon.

Looking for my story on Louisiana State University? Next Blog  😉


~ by gunshow52 on May 8, 2012.

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