Young Adult

I watched a movie recently called Young Adult. It starred my favorite actress in Hollywood, Charlize Theron. I decided to watch this movie strictly based on a commercial for it on the movie channel. It was being added to their selection of movies and I randomly thought I would be interested.

The plot is about a female who had left a small town to go to the big city. She receives an email from her high school boyfriend that has pictures his newborn daughter and his wife. She takes the email as a sign that they are meant to be back together. She heads back to her hometown in an attempt to get him back. She has already planned to meet up with him but accidentally runs into a classmate she vaguely remembers at another bar the night she arrives.  After meeting with her ex-boyfriend, she is invited to a performance the following night. While at the event many people remember her as a self-absorbed bitch and a psychotic prom queen. Eventually she states her love for him and when she is shot down by him, she seems to suffer a break down as she goes a tirade full of profanity. She eventually expresses her belief that she needs to change but her class mates sister tell her that she is better than the people left in the town.

This movie was surprisingly better than I had expected.  It is about a 30 year old woman who writes young-adult fiction books and is stuck on her teenage dreams and attempting to recreate them. This kind of seems like a consistent portrayal of how an American high school student could end up. Some shows showed them from small towns with few of them leaving the town for bigger things. This was kind of a continuation of a person’s life. We see them thinking they are doing better than expected, then realizing they aren’t and trying to hide that fact. The movie does set out an interesting outlook on life and when someone really becomes an adult. People now consider themselves adults when they turn 18, 19, or 21 and that simply isn’t true and the movie puts that into perspective.

Look at some norms in life, people are expected to grow up early. Turning a certain age usually means automatic maturity but this movie changes that by showing a 37 year old woman who has yet to grow out of her high school ways. This is interesting for me because I think sometimes and see myself as big a grown child all my life. I love pranks and cartoons and sometimes I feel like I never want to grow up to soon.


~ by gunshow52 on May 7, 2012.

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