College Football, better than the Pros

I am a fan of a lot of things but my favorite thing is sports. I feel like I’m in that point of my life where I am slowly transitioning from a participant to an observer. I have 5 years left of football playing unless I make it professional which I don’t see happening. I used to strictly watch football and wasn’t open to other sports but lately I’ve become more and more open. I’ve expanded to watch more regular season hockey, basketball, and even baseball. In the past I restricted myself to mostly post-season of other sports and now I enjoy other sports at all time.

The interesting thing is the team and league I find myself loving the most isn’t even professional. I love college football. The NCAA is probably at the height of its popularity and for good reason. The production on the field from the athletes is amazing.

Right now I could say I prefer to watch college football compared to professional football. There is a reason for this though. The point is that athletes in college football aren’t playing for money. They are playing for the love of the game, the name of the team and the name on the back of the jersey. Collegiate athletes as a whole have pride in their play and professional athletes play for the next big endorsement and the next big contract. I don’t find anything wrong the way the professionals do it but the heart and intensity added to college games because of pride is intangible. Guys playing hard every game, every play and every second is a beautiful thing to watch. With professionals, you are sometimes left missing that because guys don’t represent the team as much as themselves. Passion, heart, intensity and love of the sport are what make the sport of football great to watch, not money and glamor. It is funny how watching football is better because of intangibles rather than the tangible. You have a love for the game from things you can’t see or measure in a game where you are picked to play based on things that can be measured and seen.


~ by gunshow52 on May 7, 2012.

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