The first of many

Like many people in the western world, I’ve gotten attached to television programs that I feel cant live without. One of these shows is The Real World. It is a show that i watch every season for the last few years. It’s  a show on MTV and is about a group of strangers, 7 or 8, that move into a house in a city that changes every season.This group of strangers are forced to live with each other for 4 to 5 months and are filmed as they live together. I’ve watched this show since 2007 when the season took place in Sydney, Australia. There were a total of 8 roommates who lived there but only 7 at any given time, since one person left and was replaced.

I like this season quite a bit because of the realistic problems of the world that it displayed. Racism was a bit part of this season. Parisa, who is Muslim and from New York, was the target of the racism.  Another cast member, Trisha, is in constant conflict with Parisa and is eventually sent home for shoving her to the ground. It’s obvious that Trisha quickly dislikes Parisa, almost for no reason. They were at not once, but twice in competition for men, which definitely added to the hate between the two.

Why this show was the catalyst for my love for The Real World, is for the different characters each cast member represented in society. Trisha was known for being a devote christian. Parisa was the visible minority. Cohutta was the country boy moving to the big city. Dunbar was the big strong guy with a temper. Isaac was the mysterious wonder. KellyAnne is the beautiful brunette that everybody loves. Shauvon is the dumb blonde. Ashli was the female trouble maker. Together they created the perfect cast that got me hooked to The Real World. I’ll forever remember them being the first cast of many I’d be attached too.


~ by gunshow52 on April 30, 2012.

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