The Life Changing Announcement

In life many people are given news that can drastically change their lives. On a daily basis people are told they have only so many days or weeks or months to live, that a loved one has passed away, and told ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal. Once a year, now over a span of 3 days, the NFL Draft makes approximately 250 life long dreams come true. The NFL draft is where good, great, and amazing college football players become NFL players.

For 365 days a year, scouts are doing every bit of research possible on players that they think are good for their team. Scouts leave no stone unturned. If you were arrested during your junior year of high school, they will find out. The coverage of the draft process is as intriguing as watching a live game. Projecting where stars of the NCAA will play and how they may turn out as players is a interesting subject.

The thing about the draft is that it does not only change the life of the player announced, it changes the lives of the coaches, scouts, general manager even the equipment guy. When a guy is drafted high, he is obviously expected to be an important part of the team, sometimes guys are drafted and expected to make a team into a playoff contender almost immediately. 2 contrasting examples are Peyton Manning and Jamarcus Russell. Both were number one overall picks, Manning in 1998 and Russell in 2007. Both were expected to turn their franchises around. Manning has gone on to appear in 2 super bowls (winning 1), 4 MVPs, numerous NFL passing records and made the Indianapolis Colts contenders for 12 years. Russell was terrible, he was released 2 years later and has been considered the worst NFL draft pick of all-time. Many of the coaches and scout that were around for the Russell debacle are gone.

So this Thursday night, the NFL draft begins and with only 32 names being called on the first night and 32  lives changed almost immediately, there are many more that hang in the balance.


~ by gunshow52 on April 25, 2012.

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