Stuck in Alcatraz

Since being back in lennoxville this semester, and with so much free time since this is the semester with no football, i have found myself needing an additional television series to invest time into. Usually I stick to 1 or 2 shows, with one definitely being The Real World and/or The Challenge (which are made by the same production company).After skipping on last semesters Real World and picking up The Challenge this semester, I decided to pick up Alcatraz.

Now I’m addicted to this show.

The plot is about a jail, Alcatraz in San Fransisco, were over three hundred inmates and 40 guards randomly go missing. The government, obviously, gets involved and makes a cover  up by saying they were closing the prison and the inmates were being transferred. Emerson Hauser , a young guard back in 1963, was able to discover they were going missing back in 1963 so now, in present day San Fran, he runs a secret government squad that is dedicated to finding the prisoners. The problem is that the prisoners start popping up in present time having not aged at all. Hauser employs Rebecca Madsen and Diego Soto to help track the prisoners down. Madsen has a connection to Hauser and Soto is an expert on everything Alcatraz.

The show has a great cast and i find them to actually be intense and buried in their roles. Sam Neill is great as Hauser and the way he acts and has a dominance and control in the show reminds me of him in Jurassic Park. Sarah Jones plays Madsen and is an absolute beauty. Beautiful blue eyes and great acting is what she does for me for 45 minutes a week.

This show has me entangled in it. Kind of locked in jail. I find myself hooked for the whole episode, learning more and more about the secrets behind Alcatraz, and the corruption. I find myself growing to like and dislike characters from both the modern day and the flashbacks to 1963 Alcatraz. The prisoners being mistreated and manipulated by the guards, the warden, and even the doctors is great in showing a potential look at how the jail was truly run in real life. Knowing that one of the most known gang members ever, Alphonse Gabriel Capone, actually stayed in the actually Alcatraz for close to 5 years, adds an indescribable element to the show.

So for the rest of the semester I’m going to be a prisoner of Alcatraz, but just the TV series.



~ by gunshow52 on February 20, 2012.

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