Your Mouth You Should Shut

It is time for fans of Star Wars to stop complaining. George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars. It is his land, his world, his galaxy, HIS universe. Fans began to complain when he made a special edition which changed the scenes of  the 1977 version. They didn’t like the fact that one character shot before another while in the original, only one character shoots. In my opinion, George Lucas is 100 percent in the right. He has the right to release, and change Star Wars anyway he sees fit. HE is the man who had the vision of Star Wars and how he wanted the characters to interact with each other and the environment around them.

Many people will argue that he doesn’t have the right to change them once he made them a certain way but at the time of his first creation, his current monetary status didn’t allow him to make it up to HIS standards and HIS visions. Once Star Wars, from a business perspective, achieved what he wanted, he took his hard earned money, and retooled Star Wars into what HE originally thought it would be, HIS masterpiece.

So I’m going to speak on behave of George Lucas, “Shut up and thank me”.


~ by gunshow52 on January 30, 2012.

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