Mr. West is in the building

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Kanye West is currently my favorite artist on the face of the earth. He is ruthless, untouchable, and the best of the best. His lyrics are amazing, his style is impeccable and he is a man who does not give a f*%@. When he speaks, I listen. When he raps, I listen. When he sings, I listen. Everything he does is something special. His music is different. You experience a different way of living when you truly sit down and listen to what he raps about. For me, his music is something else.

In 2011, Kanye released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and personally it is my favorite album of all time. From the opening song to the final one, it was a masterpiece. The first song, Dark fantasy, immediately got me attached. Nicki Minaj starts with a lovely british accent as if she was telling a story. The chorus is as catchy as they come; “Can we get much higher?”. This song could have been an individual release and i would have loved it, but that was just the beginning.  With songs like Gorgeous, that provide the world with a space aged sound, Power, that gives us a head bobbing track about leaders of the world, you are never left needing more but we keep on getting from Mr. West

After Power, we reach one of my favorite songs of all time. All of the Lights is just one of those songs. The instruments in the interlude are wonderful and after the violin and piano seduce you with their sounds for 1:02 you are brought back to the world of hip hop. The same sound from the interlude is now a song with the vocals of Rihanna and the lyrical assassin, Kanye West. Monster is the next track and brings you into a dark place. Rick Ross, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, and Jay Z all have verses that would make you think beyond belief.

Runaway, Blame Game, and Lost in the World are tracks that continue to put this CD over the top. Runaway is Kanye talking about his character flaws and issues in his life. the line “I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most” shows what truly feels about himself and he is not just this alpha male who thinks the world of himself. this song is so basic and uses a piano so simply. Blame Game is a one that just became a favorite thanks to Kwasi. It is a slower and more meaningful song, talking about a dispute between 2 lovers. When thinking about relationships, this is the song to listen to. My favorite is Lost in the World. A song using Bon Ivers “Woods” as a sample that was about alienation. The tribal drums and lyrics are a great combination. It is followed up by the last track Who Will Survive In America. It is originally a speech/poetic piece by Gil Scott Heron, that talks of the African-American experience in America and the false idea of the American Dream.

At the end of it all, this is a CD that is untouchable like Mr. West himself. After the Taylor Swift incident, people realized Kanye wasn’t okay. This album showed the world that Kanye, even though he is a celebrity, is normal like the rest of us and people believe and appreciate the approach he took.



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I did a blog about my favorite football teams on both the collegiate level and professional level. Louisiana State University Tigers is my favorite college team and the Baltimore Ravens. I talked about my passion for the Baltimore Ravens. This time I’ll talk about my even larger love for the Louisiana State University Tigers.

For my college football team, there has only been one but I’ll give little explanation. My top 2 favorite NFL players both came from the University of Miami. Many people in my age group love the U of M. They are that team that not many people can hate, unless you played against them. Look at this cycle: my favorite professional team, the Baltimore Ravens, have my 2 favorite players, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, who both played at the University of Miami. That’s why you cannot ever dislike the University of Miami. Louisiana State University is where my heart lies and will forever.

Currently they are my favorite team in the entire sports world. Everything about them intrigues me from the coaches to the stadium, from the fans to the players, everything. Located in my favorite state in America, Louisiana, the Tigers are current one of the best teams in all of college football. Year after year they compete in, not only the hardest conference, but the hardest division. They play their games at beautiful Death Valley which is one of the hardest stadiums in the country to play in as one time the noise was so loud it registered as an earthquake.  Like the Ravens, my passion for the Tigers is far more than the production on the field. It is what the players stand for. They play with unmatched aggression and intensity and they play for every player as if it was their dying wish. This past season LSU was on track to be labelled as one of the best teams ever and that all came to a halt in the BCS National Championship game against in-conference, in-division foes Alabama who won 21-0 and embarrassed the Tigers. Now going into 2013 we are ready to make a run at the championship and every LSU fan would agree completely.

BMore What Up!?

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Many people who know me well, and even people who don’t know me well know at least one common fact about me. For as long as I have been a fan of football I have had a favorite team in both the college and the professional ranks. For college, my favorite team has always been the Louisiana State University Tigers. For the professional level my favorite team is currently the Baltimore Ravens.

When I first started watching football I didn’t watch much college and my original favorite professional team was the Carolina Panthers. My like for them was solely based on the Madden video game and the fact they had a good defense. The next year (or the next madden) I found myself with a new favorite because the Panthers has no offense to play with, so I switched to the Indianapolis Colts because they had a great offense. Then the following year I found the match. A match made in heaven. THE Baltimore Ravens, a team that fit my type of football, my old school mentality of football. Hard-nosed defense and an elite running attack. With the Ravens I got that. So since that I’ve become an avid Ravens fan. In the regular season and the off-season that’s the team whose decisions seem to have a personal effect on me. When the Ravens lose a game, I’m upset and facing a lot of “hate mail” from friends that know my passion level. When we win a game, I’m excited and people never seem to hear the end of it. I find myself closely entangled with this team and consider the organization as a whole a part of who I am as a person. Many fans just watch the games and pick up a new team to cheer for based on the wins and the losses but being a fan of the Baltimore Ravens for me will never change. Win or lose, 16 and 0, or 0 and 16 I will never change my love for the Ravens. I have faith that a Super Bowl will be back in Baltimore soon.

Looking for my story on Louisiana State University? Next Blog  😉

College Football, better than the Pros

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I am a fan of a lot of things but my favorite thing is sports. I feel like I’m in that point of my life where I am slowly transitioning from a participant to an observer. I have 5 years left of football playing unless I make it professional which I don’t see happening. I used to strictly watch football and wasn’t open to other sports but lately I’ve become more and more open. I’ve expanded to watch more regular season hockey, basketball, and even baseball. In the past I restricted myself to mostly post-season of other sports and now I enjoy other sports at all time.

The interesting thing is the team and league I find myself loving the most isn’t even professional. I love college football. The NCAA is probably at the height of its popularity and for good reason. The production on the field from the athletes is amazing.

Right now I could say I prefer to watch college football compared to professional football. There is a reason for this though. The point is that athletes in college football aren’t playing for money. They are playing for the love of the game, the name of the team and the name on the back of the jersey. Collegiate athletes as a whole have pride in their play and professional athletes play for the next big endorsement and the next big contract. I don’t find anything wrong the way the professionals do it but the heart and intensity added to college games because of pride is intangible. Guys playing hard every game, every play and every second is a beautiful thing to watch. With professionals, you are sometimes left missing that because guys don’t represent the team as much as themselves. Passion, heart, intensity and love of the sport are what make the sport of football great to watch, not money and glamor. It is funny how watching football is better because of intangibles rather than the tangible. You have a love for the game from things you can’t see or measure in a game where you are picked to play based on things that can be measured and seen.

Young Adult

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I watched a movie recently called Young Adult. It starred my favorite actress in Hollywood, Charlize Theron. I decided to watch this movie strictly based on a commercial for it on the movie channel. It was being added to their selection of movies and I randomly thought I would be interested.

The plot is about a female who had left a small town to go to the big city. She receives an email from her high school boyfriend that has pictures his newborn daughter and his wife. She takes the email as a sign that they are meant to be back together. She heads back to her hometown in an attempt to get him back. She has already planned to meet up with him but accidentally runs into a classmate she vaguely remembers at another bar the night she arrives.  After meeting with her ex-boyfriend, she is invited to a performance the following night. While at the event many people remember her as a self-absorbed bitch and a psychotic prom queen. Eventually she states her love for him and when she is shot down by him, she seems to suffer a break down as she goes a tirade full of profanity. She eventually expresses her belief that she needs to change but her class mates sister tell her that she is better than the people left in the town.

This movie was surprisingly better than I had expected.  It is about a 30 year old woman who writes young-adult fiction books and is stuck on her teenage dreams and attempting to recreate them. This kind of seems like a consistent portrayal of how an American high school student could end up. Some shows showed them from small towns with few of them leaving the town for bigger things. This was kind of a continuation of a person’s life. We see them thinking they are doing better than expected, then realizing they aren’t and trying to hide that fact. The movie does set out an interesting outlook on life and when someone really becomes an adult. People now consider themselves adults when they turn 18, 19, or 21 and that simply isn’t true and the movie puts that into perspective.

Look at some norms in life, people are expected to grow up early. Turning a certain age usually means automatic maturity but this movie changes that by showing a 37 year old woman who has yet to grow out of her high school ways. This is interesting for me because I think sometimes and see myself as big a grown child all my life. I love pranks and cartoons and sometimes I feel like I never want to grow up to soon.

Dragon Ball Z, back in my life

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Recently I began to watch Dragon Ball Z again. When I was a child around 8 years old, I first started watching it on television, every night at 8 pm on YTV. At the time it was by far my favorite show to watch.  After school, I would go home for a bit, go outside and play with friends, go back home and do homework, shower and watch Dragon Ball Z. I had the same routine every week night and it all lead to the final event, Dragon Ball Z.

Now that I’m in college and I’ve “rediscovered Dragon Ball Z. just like I was the first time I watched it, I feel like I’ve fell in love with the show all over again. I found myself with a slightly different version of the show then I watched as child. This version was a condensed version and basically things happen quicker and battles are shortened and filler is removed. I feel like this makes the show better. When I originally watched, some of the epic battle scenes would extend to 3 episodes but the new version cut them down to 1 episode at the most. By taking out the extra and unnecessary parts, Dragon Ball Z is no able to focus on the important areas of the show.

Getting back into Dragon Ball Z has left me with memories of my childhood. The love I and others had, and still have for this show now makes sense. The characters were all a little bit of who we wished we could be. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and even Krillin were all important parts of my childhood. Each had a little influence on myf personality then and my personality now. Like Star Wars, Star trek and Modern Family, Dragon Ball Z has a large fan base that will never forget the impact of the show

Dwight K. Schrute

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Dwight K. Schrute is the greatest character in the history of television history. He was not considered the main character in The Office. Some would say he was even the character with the 2nd largest role, some would give that role to Jim, but i think all these people are completely wrong. He is the clue that has held, holds and will hold The Office together. Dwight’s importance must have doubled in the last season, since Michael Scott left the show. Every scene he is in is a master piece in its own way. His country boy attitude, and his businessman ways are an amazing combination. He is a gamer but at the same time is a womanizer. He is a prankster but also your worse enemy. You love him and you hate him. He is THE Dwight K. Schrute.

One of his greatest scenes in my opinion is when he puts the whole office through a fire drill.  He jams the doors and starts a fire. The previous week he gave a fire safety talk and when nobody was interested he took offense. After the office is in a scramble and Stanley has a heart attack, he reveals it was a drill and there was not a real fire.  Nobody is impressed or happy with Dwight. He even is sad because nobody really learned from the drill.

The scene shows where he is your worst enemy. He almost kills a co worker and injured other. He shows no remorse for this and this is what makes him great. He does things we want to do in the real world but can’t. He is a raw character and with his beet farm and his country boy antics, he is perfect in every way possible. He is the greatest prankster and has the best sense of humor of any character I’ve watched in a while, and that is why he is my favorite.